5 reasons why you should do a PhD


Back when I was just starting my Undergraduate degree in Astrophysics, there was no chance I would ever be spending 8 years as a student. I was going to get my Masters and get out of here as quickly as possible. I was going to get a proper job and earn some big bucks. So how I managed to find myself now in the 7th year of academic studies and still living at home with mum is a complete mystery to me. Before I get the chance to whine and moan any further let me tell you 5 reasons why a PhD is amazing so that you can decide whether or not to pursue down the same career path. 1. Flexi-time I mean “real” flexi-time. As a PhD student, you can be in the office when you want, for as long as you want. Is it snowing outside? No problem, because you can work from home. As long as you get the work done, there is no reason why you can’t work from home, well with the exception of teaching duties, oh and meetings… can’t help but “love” those endless, pointless meetings. 2. For the title At the end of 3.5 +/- 0.5 years you will officially be a doctor (well if you successfully pass that dreaded viva). Although its not a “real” doctor as my medic friend kindly points out, the fact that you will have Dr. on your passport, credit cards and other paperwork will lead you many VIP treatments in the future for example upgrades on planes. 3. Your parents will love you Your parents will be so proud and boast continuously about having a doctor for a child to friends and relatives. Your friends will love you and call you the smartest person they know. Strangers will think you are a genius. All in all, love all round. 4. Opportunities to travel the world There are countless conferences and workshops in all different fields. This is your chance to see the world with everything paid for. Disclaimer: this can get boring after 3 trips to Italy per year as I have experienced first hand! 5. Advancing the world Lastly the most important point of a PhD is that you are contributing to the knowledge of mankind. Your research is unique and you will become the expert in your field. I hope this has persuaded some of you to do a PhD (or not). At some point I may blog about why you shouldn’t do a PhD so keep an eye out for it. Mwah M.