Why on Earth would you want to go on a no return journey to Mars?


Is this the money question? It certainly is the question that everyone wants to know!

Well, I could give an infinite list of the many reasons why we should go to Mars, but on a personal level, let me tell you why it is important for me.

Firstly you may think I am crazy – all scientists are in a way. But certainly I am not crazy enough to get me this far. I mean seriously, do you really think they would send a crazy person to space? Of course not.

I have always been obsessed with science and I owe it all to the great education system I was brought up on. The access to science club was really what inspired me to be a scientist. Ever since then I have wanted to be in the space industry that’s why I have a masters degree in space science and am currently doing a PhD in Astrophysics.

I currently research some of the most massive objects in the observable universe Рgalaxy clusters. It always blows my mind how insignificant we are. I will never be able to explore another galaxy cluster except through a telescope. We will never even leave our own galaxy in my lifetime since we have only just left the solar system with Voyager and that set off in 1977!!!

As a scientist all I want is to explore and learn. We can do this with a mission to Mars and at the same time we will inspire the next generation of scientists and generations to come. I want the public to be as much interested in the science we are capable of doing as I was as a child. What I am doing is going to change the world and make history.