Astronomy in the city – a gravitational wave special


We held a special Astronomy in the city event yesterday to celebrate the announcement of the first direct detection of a gravitational wave last week.

It was insane how after less than a week we had a completely sold out event, with 460 sign ups! So it was fantastic that we were able to make use of the Elgar concert hall to host the event.

We had special talks from Dr Christopher Berry, Dr Conor Mow-lowry, Dr Walter del Pozzo, Dr Will Farr and Dr Alberto Sesana. Many of the students/staff from the gravitational wave group at the University of Birmingham helped out too. It’s very rare that you could gather so many gravitational wave experts in a public space at the same time!

Below is a video I made of the event, and also of our Michelson interferometer that will be on display at the Think Tank, Birmingham in the coming months. Enjoy!