Can being too opinionated be doing us more harm than good?


Ok this is going to be a really quick post and not much like my others but recently I met some fellow scientists and it wasn’t before long that our conversation steered towards that of space travel and in particular the prospect of a moon village.

Now it would not be suprising to me if there are many members of the public who find the idea controversial, however I did not at all expect such antagonism from scientists. I for one am enthusiastic about all aspects of science. None the less they did not regard the moon village or even the space program a science at all and were only interested in “wasting” money on their own science interest goals.

With the growth of social media and its ability to facilitate with our communication to the world, it’s concerning how it is easier now than ever to spread hate and anger that could be damaging (and without consequences)

With decreasing science budgets, a scientist may believe that discrediting other areas of science will bring more money into their own project but more likely it could damage the reputation of science community and lead to further funding cuts to science as a whole.