Best space themed christmas ideas…


Its almost christmas and time to think about christmas presents. Below i list my top 10 christmas presents for the astronomy/space obsessed!

10. Time Travelling Toby and the Apollo moon landing by Graham Jones


Graham Jones’ exciting take on the Apollo moon landings, this beautifully illustrated book is the perfect gift for those young kids (1-10) as approved by yours truly. Buy here


9. The Big Picture: On the origins of life, meaning and the Universe itself by Sean Carroll


For the slightly older readers let Caltech’s theoretical physicist Sean Carroll lead you through a passage from the big bang to the current day and the meanings of our very existence. Buy here

8. Rosetta & Philae Plush


Whilst both Philae & Rosetta have met there ends on comet 67P, you can still remember them through this adorable plush.

7. Meteorite Jewellery


Yes woman love jewellery! and how can you get more romantic than a jewellery that originated from outer space? it’s also so so pretty! Buy here

6. Mars Rover Rescue by Andrew Rader


Another gorgeously illustrated space book, this time we go to Mars! (Ages 1-10). Buy here

5. a telescope


The ideal telescope for any aspiring astronomer, equipped with solar filter so even if you live in the UK and the weather isn’t so great at night you can still see something in the day. Buy here

4. A space bag!


I LOVE this space duffle from Herschel Supply Co. It’s out of this world! Buy here

3. Stocking filler mug


Hubble is a joint ESA-NASA optical/IR telescope that has a resolution capable of seeing a person in Paris from NewYork. It is awesome! Buy Me

2. Edible space candy


No words….. mmmmm edible space systems… Buy me

1 Galaxy murals


There’s no space like home 🙂 Buy here