Top tips on maximising your publication reach


When publishing a paper on, here are some neat ways to make sure you maximise your impact.

  1. Getting to the top

    There has been research to suggest a correlation between the top Arxiv submission and the number of citations.

    As of 2017, Arxiv’s new submission deadline for the next day submissions is 2pm (EST), so in the UK that’s 7pm! Now to get to top on both the daily email list and the website you need to submit 14:01 the 2 days before you want your submission online (when previously it was 13:59 the day before). This will ensure your paper is the first to be seen.

    You can check the deadline to submissions here:

  2. Staying at the top

    To make sure you paper is front page for as long as possible you should aim to have your paper appear on a Friday, this means that you get to stay on top all weekend and maximising the probability that your paper will be noticed. This means the ideal time for submission is 14:01 on Wednesdays if you’re in NYC, or 19:01 on Wednesday if you’re in the UK.

  3. Time of year

    Another thing to keep in mind is the time of year, if you’re posting over the christmas holidays its highly likely that people will miss your paper. Similarly in the summer, many people are vacationing or away at conferences with no time to checkup on Arxiv. Be smart about the time of year you submit!

  4. Social media

    Be smart when posting to social media – one line overview and “the money plot”, can be very effective for those who don’t have the time to read your paper.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find this useful. Also if you have any more tips you think I should add, please get in touch!